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  Iceberg Slim

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Welcome to the Biography Project. This reference tool is an ongoing effort to catalog and document the contributions of authors, artists, scientists, film makers and other culturally influential individuals on underground culture in its various forms. This is direct response to the unfortunate *lack* of accurate and comprehensive information on the net regarding 'popsubculture'. It is a totally volunteer effort, in fact, it is done in my ever shrinking spare time.

Parts of this site originally appeared (in a different form) on the now defunct There it was part of what was called the SubCulture Project. My friend Bonesy Jones and I contributed the majority of the biographies that appeared there. When the site closed, we rescued the biographies that were online, not only because they represented literally hundreds of hours of research, HTML coding, et cetera, but because people found them useful, interesting, and in some cases, the only online source of information on the subject. I hope that you find The Biography Project useful, interesting, and now in its fifth redesign, easy-to-use. At Casinohawks.comyou will find a full list of legal new online casinos in United Kingdom.

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Patrick Deese

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